Holkham Hall and Haddon Hall kick off the 2015 season

Over the past three weeks Holkham Hall in Norfolk and Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, home to two of our Great Inns of Britain, have been in a flurry a feather dusters getting ready to open their doors to the public. Easter weekend marked the reopening of almost all 500 members of the Historic Houses Association.

To mark the occasion, The Telegraph visited a number of the halls, houses and mansions to find out how the families who live there feel about welcoming strangers into their home.

Holkham Hall, located on the Holkham Estate with the Great Inns’ member The Victoria, is home to Viscount Coke and his family who always look forward to Easter when they can invite the public into their Palladian home. They are expecting more than 85,000 visitors this season but Lord Coke explained that they have to work harder to keep the public coming; visitor numbers peeked in the early Nineties and it is now vital that stately homes provide more attractions to interest the public.

Holkham Hall has recently opened a new Bewilderwood play area for young children. However, since the birth of TripAdvisor it would be unwise for a custodian not to consult the public before making a change. Lady Edward Manners, chatelaine of Haddon Hall located near Great Inns’ member The Peacock, discovered the perils of TripAdvisor when she introduced a green sofa into one of the rooms – it seems it caused quite an uproar!

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