New monthly menus at The Bull in Beaumaris

The menus at the award-winning Loft restaurant at The Bull have been given a ‘creative make-over’ by Head Chef, Andrew Tabberner.

By changing every dish, every month, Andy’s  individual approach is given an even greater chance to shine through, with monthly menus that follow the seasons and continue to champion local ingredients in a variety of new guises.

In addition to the menu changes, the Loft’s new monthly wine pairings will help you savour each dish and introduce you to some exciting new flavour combinations.

According to The Bull, their new monthly menus will let you experience the best ingredients around, not only by season but by month too. Seasons should be celebrated through every sense and they want you to taste and experience their local ingredients at their very best!

See The Bull’s website for their latest menu options.

A 3 course food only menu is £48.50 and a wine pairing menu is £70.

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