Shibden Mill Inn’s Summer Pudding

Enjoy the taste of Summer

Don’t be mistaken by the inclement British weather – it is most certainly summer time and we for one are extremely excited to be adding a dash of colour to our dishes. If you have a sweet tooth then this one is definitely for you; Head Chef at Shibden Mill Inn, Daren Parkinson has pulled together an easy to follow Summer Pudding recipe which oozes deliciousness!

 Spruce up your family BBQ and give this pud a whirl…



  • 700g mixed raspberries and currants (frozen works best)
  •         10 slices of firm, white bread
  •        3 tbsps white sugar
  •         3 tbsps orange juice
  •         Cream to serve


  •        Firstly place the fruits, sugar & orange juice in a bowl and leave sit for a few hours at room temperature
  •         For the bread, cut off all the crust and then cut each slice in half, soldier size
  •         Line a suitable size bowl with a double layer of cling film before lining the inside of the bowl with the strips of bread (making sure they are over lapping so none of the berries escape when the pudding is turned out)
  •        Tear the bread slices to fit in all the gaps – remembering to leave a couple of slices to one side for the top/bottom
  •          When you are happy with the bread lined bowl, fill with the fruit mix almost to the rim
  •         Top the pudding with the remaining bread slices and cover the pudding with the excess cling film
  •         Place a plate on top and one plate under the bowl to catch all the escaping fruit juices
  •        Leave for 24 hours before turning out and serving with cream



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