The best scenic attractions within a 30-minute drive of The Lamb Inn

Now a month into autumn, it’s time to reach for the thick coat, woolly hat and cosy gloves. If you’re staying at The Lamb Inn in historic East Sussex, it’s so easy to spend whole days in front of the open fire or snugness of your bedroom but don’t forget that fun-filled days out lay close by.

With the leaves falling and the landscape taking on a beautiful red and gold hue, take your opportunity to view the former kingdom of the South Saxons at its most beautiful.

Here are some of the best scenic attractions within a half-hour drive of The Lamb Inn.

East Hill Cliff Railway (30-minute drive)

Impressively clinging to a tall cliffside in Hastings, this funicular railway is officially Britain’s steepest. While you ascend 267 ft into the sky in your Edwardian carriage, there’s so much to take in. The view from the top is spectacular with vast shingle beaches, multi-coloured fishing boats and miniature tourists on the seafront beneath you.

Battle Abbey (13-minute drive)

The word ‘ruined’ has negative connotations but the partially ruined Battle Abbey is anything but spoiled. Named after the famous battle Hastings is known for the world over, trips here are as informative as they are eye-opening. Once you’ve sampled the audio tour and browsed various ancient artefacts, take some time to walk the extensive leafy grounds at your own pace.

Seven Sisters Country Park (30-minute drive)

Something beautiful occurs where the South Downs meet the English Channel. The result is the Seven Sisters Country Park, a stunning collection of chalk cliffs typified by scenic shore walks, isolated gullies and dramatic ridges. The photographs you take here are sure to remain on your smartphones for a long time to come.

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