Award Winning Beef Served at The Wild Boar

The Wild Boar is proud to be the first restaurant in the North West to feature award winning Himalayan Salt-Aged Tomahawk Steak.

The beef, supplied by Udale Speciality Foods, is highly sought after by celebrity chefs and top London restaurants – and it only takes one succulent bite of the prime, top quality steak to understand why!

Using science that dates back over thousands of years, salt is used in the drying process, which takes moisture away from the beef, before it’s placed in the drying chamber with a careful balance of air flow and salt bricks. As the meat is left over time, enzymes and ‘good bacteria’ get to work in breaking down connective tissue. The type of salt is also very important – Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt on the earth, being 98.5% sodium chloride with no bleach or nasty bits, which all helps to combat the deterioration of the meat.

Simply put, this makes the meat much more tender, flavoursome and also more caramelized once cooked. It is truly mouth watering!

The team at The Wild Boar are currently plating up this show-stopping steak, to book your table contact them on 015394 45225.

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