It’s great to hear from our customer confidence survey how many of you are looking forward to visiting our inns over the coming months, and we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Using the results from our customer confidence survey, our inns are making preparations for re-opening as they adapt their customer care, housekeeping and hygiene policies and processes to guarantee the highest standards that you’ve all come to know and love from the Great Inns of Britain.

Take a look at our survey results below:

  • There’s a really high level of confidence about a UK break this year, with 78.6% of respondents feeling confident about enjoying a UK break this year
  • 69% of respondents said that they’re looking to book a stay once lockdown has ended
  • 35% of respondents are looking to take breaks with a 3-night stay, and 38% are planning to stay for of up to 7-nights
  • Your priorities for health and safety precautions at our Great Inns include enhanced hygiene and cleaning procedures, social distancing measures and supplies of masks and hand sanitiser 
  • 99% of respondents told us that they would prefer to dine at our inns, with the majority, 53%, preferring to eat in the restaurant, and 36% choosing to eat in outdoor seating areas
  • 74% plan to travel with their partners

UK staycations are on the rise and the Great Inns of Britain are ready to provide a warm welcome.

Our survey suggests you’re happy to travel, with 98% of respondents happy to travel for two hours or more to enjoy a UK staycation. This is providing you are able to explore the surrounding area during your stay, with 32% choosing to enjoy a local interest break, 25% taking advantage of the outdoor pursuits or walks available in the chosen area, 16% enjoying a foodie break, and 12% travelling for a special occasion.

The majority of the respondents are looking to enjoy longer breaks with 35% looking for a 3-night stay, and 38% looking for a stay of up to 7-nights. 99% of respondents would prefer to dine at our inns, with the majority, 53%, choosing to eat in the restaurant, 36% choosing to eat using outdoor seating, and 9% preferring the option of dining in their rooms. 

When asked ‘which health and safety measures are most important to you’ once our Great Inns reopen, priorities included enhanced cleaning, social distancing and additional supplies of masks and hand sanitiser products as the most important. 

Do check the website to keep in touch with our plans for re-opening or, to find out the current status of each of our inns, please follow the button below…

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