Eeh by gum it’s a Yorkshire Curd Tart!

Quintessential Yorkshire Curd Tarts are a staple in any Yorkshire Bakery or Tea Shop, but if you can’t make it to Yorkshire then give Shibden Mill Inn’s recipe a try. We promise you won’t look back once you’ve tried one!

Serves 6



28g Cornflour
250g Plain flour
85g Caster sugar
95g Salted butter
2 Free range eggs
Lemon and lime zest
(About quarter of each


120g Curd
30g Cream
30g Sugar
60g Golden syrup
20 Currants
20g Brown bread crumb
1 Large egg
Tsp of rose water



Cream the butter & sugar together, add the egg then add the cornflour, flour and lastly the zest.

Make sure all the ingredients are well incorporated, but be careful not to over work the pastry – leave to cool in the fridge.

For the filling just whisk all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

Roll the cooled pastry out on to a floured surface, then cut 6, 5 inch discs out and line 6, 4 inch pastry moulds.

Blind bake the tart at 170°c for around 16 minutes.

Once cooked, fill the tarts with the mix, cool the oven and continue to cook the tart with filling at 110°c for 10 minutes until the filling is firm.

Serve with fruit puree & vanilla ice cream.